Dental office “Alfa Radon” is equipped with modern new equipment, allowing to provide a full range of therapeutic dentistry services:

  • Restoration of various defects of hard tissues of teeth using advanced technologies and the latest materials.
  • Endodontic treatment of complicated forms of caries.
  • Conducting professional oral hygiene (using an ultrasonic skeller), treatment of hyperesthesia of hard tooth tissues.
  • Diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of marginal periodontal diseases with the widespread use of physiotherapeutic methods of exposure, which have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects, improve blood circulation and metabolic processes:
    • laser therapy;
    • electrotherapy – direct electric current of low voltage, pulsed currents of low frequency and low voltage, alternating electric currents of high frequency, electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields;
    • paraffin, ozokerite and peloid therapy (mud therapy);
    • aerosol therapy (medicinal irrigation of the oral cavity);
    • ultrasound therapy;
    • balneotherapy.
  • Children’s reception with preventive procedures:
    • remineralizing therapy
    • fissure sealing (it is possible to use different colors – green, blue, red, etc.)
    • fluoride prophylaxis
    • oral hygiene training
    • treatment of therapeutic dental problems (with the use of preparations for chemical preparation, excluding the use of traditional methods of processing hard tissues of the tooth).

Diagnosis and monitoring of treatment results is carried out using additional imaging systems and a digital dental X-ray machine MyRay RXDC EXTEND with a Zen-X radiovisiograph (Italy), which makes it possible to safely detect inflammatory processes in bone tissues and evaluate the results of endodontic treatment.

We have experienced doctors, we use the latest equipment and treatment techniques.

The attention of doctors and a personal approach to each patient is the key to your comfort during treatment, please contact.