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Rehabilitation program «Relax»

(Rehabilitation Program is drawn up on an individual basis, considering diagnosis, stage of disease, morphofunctional abnormalities, sensitivity and tolerance of physiotherapeutic procedures)

Program objectives: physical recovery, emotional healing and creative health improvement.

Grounds: excessive stress, increased fatigue.

Results expected: human performance enhancement, stress and fatigue relief. Muscle relaxation leads to relaxed state of mind which causes general tranquility.

Procedure name The number of procedures for permits on 10/07/12 days
Balneotherapy (radon baths, pine baths, iodide-bromine baths, diamond baths, combination of general magnetotherapy and radon bath) 3/5/6
Floating 1/1/1
Fangotherapy (electric and electromud applications, general sapropelic mud application, paraffinozokeritotherapy) 3/4/5
General magnetotherapy using Magnitoturbotron device 5/7/8
SPA massages (thai spa, hot stone massage, full-body massage with oriental aroma oils, herbal-massage) 2/3/4
Classical manual massage of collar zone 4/6/8
Speleotherapy 2/4/6
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