Women’s health

Of course, the most effective way is to take care of yourself, monitor your health and regularly contact an experienced specialist. For women, it is the gynecologist who is a reliable friend and helper. It is better when regular examination by a female doctor is a habit.

Sanatorium Alpha – Radon offers diagnostic programs to the attention of the fair sex.

The goal of the programs is to prevent diseases, identify susceptibility to diseases (including hereditary), and early diagnosis of diseases. The complexes include only the most necessary examinations and consultations of our specialists.

Diagnostic Search. Woman.

  1. Therapist’s appointment.
  2. Reception by a gynecologist.
  3. Reception endocrinologist.
  4. Laboratory diagnosis:
    • Biochemical blood test: lipid metabolism (alpha – cholesterol, total cholesterol, triglycerides, low density lipoproteins, atherogenic index); trace elements (calcium); blood amylase; hepatic tests (AlT, AST, alkaline phosphatase, gamma-glutamyltransferase, lactate dehydrogenase, bilirubin (general, direct, indirect); renal tests (urea, creatinine, cystatin C, microalbumin); purine metabolism (uric acid); protein, C – reactive protein, rheumatoid factor, anti – CCP); carbohydrate metabolism (glucose, glycated hemoglobin); vitamin D3; </ li>
    • immunological studies: protein inflammation and anemia (ferritin, homocysteine); hormones (adrenal glands), cortisol, cortisol; );
    • monitoring and a primary diagnosis of neoplasms: AFP (hepatoma, ovarian/testicular tumors), CEA (adenomas of all localizations), CA 19-9 (diseases of the pancreas, stomach), CA 125 (adenocarcinoma of the ovaries, lungs and other organs), CA 27 – 29 (breast oncology);
    • complete blood count, urinalysis;
    • gynecological smear;
    • liquid cytology.
  5. Ultrasound diagnosis: abdominal organs, thyroid, mammary glands, uterus/ovaries, densitometry, heart.
  6. Functional diagnostics – electrocardiogram.

If necessary, the diagnostic search can be expanded.

The cost of the complex 974 BYN