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Osteochondrosis rehabilitation program

(This program is selected individually based on the diagnosis, stage of disease, morphofunctional disorders, sensibility and tolerance to physiotherapeutic procedures)

Goal: relief of pain, restoration of functions hindered by osteochondrosis in various spine regions.

Indications: osteochondrosis of neck, lumbar, chest, and sacral spine regions and combinations thereof.

Expectations: increased motion in spine, reduction or removal of pain, reduction or removal of clinical manifestations of osteochondrosis.

Procedure name The number of procedures for permits on 10/07/12 days
Radon baths every second day 3/5/6
Bischofite baths (ozone, carbon) every second day 3/4/5
Application of sapropel mud general every second day 3/4/5
Therapeutic massage (1 zone) 5/7/8
Underwater massage treatment 4/6/8
Traction therapy on the Ormed-Professional device 4/6/7
Individual trainings on the kinesiotherapeutic device Ekzarta 4/5/6
Electrotherapy (amplipulse therapy, interference therapy, US therapy, electrophoresis) 5/7/8
Carboxytherapy 4/6/8
Therapeutic exercises in groups 4/6/8
Magnet and laser therapy 5/7/9
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