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Menopause syndrome rehabilitation program

Program objectives: vasomotor symptoms alleviation (hot flashes, excessive sweating, weakness), hormone imbalance restoration, skin condition improvement, immune system stimulation, psycho-emotional stress relief.

Grounds: dry skin, sleepiness, irritability, mood swings, hot flashes, excessive sweating, weakness, insomnia, weakened immune system.

Results expected: psycho-emotional stress relief and sleep improvement, absence of excessive sweating, weakness and hot flashes, hormone profile normalization.

Procedure name The number of procedures for permits on 10/07/12 days
Balneotherapy (radon baths, diamond baths, carbon dioxide baths, combination of general magnetotherapy and radon bath) 3/5/6
Sapropelic mud application (every other day) 3/4/5
Contract baths (underwater massage ) 4/5/6
Electrotherapy (General magnetotherapy using Magnitoturbotron device, medicinal electrophoresis, darsonvalization, galvanic current) 4/6/8
Laser therapy 4/7/9
Classical massage (zone 1) 4/7/9
Face care programs («Skin resonance», classical massage, facial massage which boosts metabolism) 1/2/2
Full-body massage with oriental aroma oils («Laminaria seaweed body correcting wrap », legs spa «As if you had wings») 1/2/2
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