Halotherapy, chamber speleotherapy halotheraphy is a drug-free treatment, which mimics a salt cave environment.

Main advantage of halotherapy is cleansing of respiratory system organs. While you are in halochamber, your cells will be saturated with positive ions which restore lungs function and respiratory tracts microflora will be cleaned from dust and malignant bacteria. During halotherapy session salt air increases oxygen saturation of blood, strengthens body’s defenses for fight off infections and viruses.

Halotheraphy is especially helpful in disease treatment of the ENT such as genyantritis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and for children suffering from frequent colds as it boosts the immune system. With good reason halotherapy is considered to be a great treatment of cosmetic problems. Salt procedure renews skin, facilitates recovery due to the removal of keratinized layer and nourishes skin. Salt cave visiting results in qualitative changes of blood inflow intensity to skin cells, thus, increasing oxygen exchange on micro-level. Interesting fact is that wounds and scratches are healing much faster after salt cave visiting. Thus, halotherapy provides not only health benefit, but also relaxation.