Magnetic treatment

  • Magnetic stimulation – a method of physiotherapeutic treatment involving impulse magnetic field of various intensity and frequency influencing the body. Magnetic stimulation consists of intensive exposure to magnetic field and pauses in such exposure. Main treatment effects of magnetic stimulation: stimulation of nerve fibers, excitation of muscle fibers – transversal striated and smooth, ,pain management, improvement of cells and tissues nourishment and regeneration processes, engorgement of vessels and improvement of blood flow, reduced inflammatory reactions.
  • Local magnetic therapy with “Unispok” apparatus – a method of therapeutic intervention with alternating or pulsating low-frequency magnetic field using permanent magnets. Magnetic fields penetrate thin clothes and bandages without any weakening and do not cause irritation of skin and do not increase temperature. This method improves blood circulation and metabolism processes in different organs and systems, has an antiedemic, analgesic, stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • cavitary magnetic therapy
  • magnetophoresis – a method of treatment when medicinal agents are administered in the body tissue through the use of magnetic field.Magnetophoresis combines therapeutic effect of electromagnetic field and medicinal agent. Magnetophoresis helps to reduce edema and inflammation, normalize metabolism, improve microcirculation and tropic processes in tissues.Apparatus “Androspok”
  • Magnetic photobarotherapy. Apparatus “AndroSPOK” is based on the successfully implemented combined action of three most effective physical factors: low-frequency impulse magnetic field, polarized light, pneumotherapy.All these factors contribute to activation of metabolic and nervous systems, boost metabolism and performance capacity of a man.
  • Local magnetic therapy with “Ortospok” apparatus – a type of exposure of a human body to low-frequency direct or impulse magnetic fields. Magnetic therapy improves permeability of membranes in our cells, accelerates oxidation-reduction reactions, increases activity of enzymes and activates local blood circulation. Magnetic fields help to manage pain and inflammation, decrease edema in tissues, decrease blood coagulation, stimulate restoration processes in tissues (especially in bone and cartilaginous tissue) and improve their nourishment.Apparatus “Photospok”
  • Combination of magnetotherapy and phototherapy used for therapeutic and preventive purposes. Therapeutic effect of photomagnetotherapy: anti-inflammatory, anti-edemic, analgesic, trophico-regenerative, immunomodulatory, haemocorrective, neuro-myostimulating and detoxification.
  • Local magnetotherapy with “Almag-01” apparatus. The magnetic field is shifting and impulse. The apparatus is efficient is the therapy of the following categories of diseases: nervous system diseases (neurodermatitis, neuropathy, neuro- angiopathy etc.), disorder of gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, pancreatitis and cholecystitis, ulcer disease), gynecologic diseases, arthritis and arthroses, neurological diseases, cardio-vascular diseases etc.
  • Local magnetotherapy with “Seta” apparatus The peculiarity of this apparatus is that it can provide a high-intensity impulse magnetic field of triangular form of high range of frequencies and values that has efficient therapeutic and preventive effect on a human body. Therapeutic effects: sedative, analgesic, anti-edemic, hypotensive, вазоактивный, anti-inflammatory, trophico-regenrative, metabolic, neuro-myostimulating
  • decimeter wave therapy – a method of physiotherapeutic treatment where the body tissues are exposed to electromagnetic field of ultra-high frequency.
    Effect of DWT on the tissues and organs: cardio-vascular system: pulse deceleration, increase in strength of contraction, slight decrease of blood pressure; nervous system: improvement of brain reflex activity, improvement of cerebral blood flow and better blood supply to brain cells; breathing system: expansion of bronchi, inhibition of inflammatory processes in bronchi; urinary system: improvement of renal blood flow, anti-inflammatory effect.
  • millimeter wave therapy with apparatus “Extrasens” – exceptionally high frequency therapy (EHF therapy). This method of physiotherapeutic treatment based on the use of electromagnetic waves of millimeter range. Millimeter waves affect the blood cells, stimulate the blood hemogenesis (formation of new blood cells), dilute it, increase the content of antioxidants and biologically active substances in blood. MWT has immunomodulation effect. The immune system reacts as increase of the total amount of lymphocytes, T- lymphocytes, change in formation of immunoglobulin in blood. MWT therapy stimulates the cells in the skin, that can produce the hormones. The process of tissue restoration after damage is accelerated, MWT has an anti-stress effect.
  • general magnetotherapy at “Magnitoturbotron” apparatus. Magnetotherapy device that generates magnetic field around the whole body of the patient at the same time due to its position inside of magnetoelectric generator of large diameter, allows to influence all systems of the body, including the nervous, endocrine, cardio-vascular and lymphatic system, as well as metabolism and oxidation-reduction process etc.