Inhalation treatment

Therapeutic inhalations
Inhalation therapy consists in treatment and prevention of diseases via inhaling artificially sprayed medical substances or air saturated with salts, essential oils etc.
The main objective of inhalation therapy is to achieve maximum local therapeutic effect in the respiratory tract with insignificant evidence of system effect.
Primary objectives of inhalation therapy include: improvement of the breathing function of respiratory tract; sanitation if upper respiratory tract and bronchial tree; decrease of edema and stimulation of regeneration; decrease of intensity of an inflammatory process; inhibition of bronchial spasm; effect on local immune reactions of respiratory tract; improvement of microcirculation of mucus membrane of respiratory tract; protection of mucus membrane from production aerosols and pollutants. Inhalation therapy consists in delivery of various medicinal agents in the sprayed form directly to the respiratory tract. At present, inhalation therapy is one of the best and highly used methods of treatment of inflammatory and obstructive diseases of respiratory tract. Inhalation reduces bronchial spasm and mucus membrane edema, improves drain function of respiratory tract, rehabilitates upper respiratory tract.