Electric treatment

  • ultrasound therapy – is a method of applying ultrasonic vibrations deeply penetrating intro the body tissues (800 – 900 kHz frequency) for the purpose of treatment. Ultrasound has mechanical, thermal, physical and chemical effect (“micromassage” of cells and tissues) in the field of ultrasound vibrations in living tissue; herewith, metabolism is activated; immune system of the body is improved.
    Ultrasound has a pronounced analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and general toning effect stimulating blood and lymph circulation, regeneration processes, improves tissue trophism. Combination of ultrasound and medication administered through the ultrasound into the epidermis, where it is absorbed into blood and lymph, is called phonophoresis. Indications or US therapy include: diseases of locomotor apparatus (arthritis, arthrosis), traumas and diseases of peripheral nervous system, diseases of digestive organs, diseases of ear, nose and throat, eye diseases, urologic and gynecologic diseases, dental problems, some skin diseases (for example, cicatrical tissue) etc.
  • Sonic phoresis. Sonic phoresis procedures is a process of administration of medicinal agents via the ultrasound, used to treat chronic inflammation, scar tissue, various disease of joints and muscles.
    Medicated sonic phoresis includes warming, deep micro-massage, saturation of tissues with oxygen, helps to increase flexibility of connective tissue due to restoration of collagen and elastic fibers.
  • ultrahigh-frequency therapy – a method of treatment consisting of exposure to electric field of ultrahigh frequency (ef UHF), often with frequency 40.68 MHz (wave length 7.37 m) transmitted to the patient via condenser plates (electrodes). UHF therapy is beneficial for functional state of nervous system, endocrine glands, blood and lymph circulation, contributes to improved metabolism. This method of treatment has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, desensitizing, antispasmodic effect, boost immunodefence of the body and improves tissue trophism.
  • inductotherapy – a method of physiotherapy based on the use of high frequency magnetic field. The inductothermy normalizes the function of nervous system, stimulate the functions of various organs and internal secretion glands, increases local temperature of the body by 1—6° (and more) and insignificantly increases the general temperature of the body (by 0.3— 0.9°), normalizes metabolism, improves blood circulation, boosts immunodefence of the body, inhibits reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Pressure therapy (pressure massage, pneumomassage) is an influence on the lymphatic system with compressed air supplied through a special suit. During the session, you put special jacket or pants, in which compressed air is injected. Unique costume, consisting of lymph drainage pants and jacket, provides an active full body massage with the help of compressed air. Today, pressure therapy is one of the most effective methods against cellulite and varicose of veins. The main goal of this procedure is activation of the cell receptors responsible for the breakdown of fat, and at the same time, purification and nourishment of the skin. It is a method of mechanical impact on the underlying tissues, which results in the displacement of these excess extracellular fluid – lymphatic drainage.
    This sort of “squeezing out massage” performed not by hand, but with the help of special equipment, allowing to dose exposure by changing the density and permeability of fabrics. Just one procedure replaces 20-30 sessions of manual massage.
    Instrument operation mimics muscle contractions. Undulating movement created by air pressure, help to improve blood and lymph circulation. And it is just necessary in overt and covert edema, lymphostasis, and excretion of excess fluid. That leads to weight loss, correction of deficiencies figures, getting rid of edema of various origins, of cellulite, improves elasticity of tissues. Pressure therapy quickly enough strengthens and rejuvenates body and is especially good for those women whom ultrasound, electrophoresis, or hand massage is contraindicated in.
    We developed a method of combined application of pressure therapy and medication against disorders of legs bloodstream. As a result, the resulting effect of the procedure increases as compared with the separate use.
  • Vacuum electrophoresis is a method of physiotherapy consisting of combination of a medicated electrophoresis and decreased air pressure in the area of electrode application. Using vacuum electrophoresis may create concentration of a medicinal substance in subjacent tissues 3-5 times greater than electrophoresis or application method; this method helps the medicinal substance to penetrate deep, and thus these substances are found in therapeutically significant concentrations in deep tissues (muscles and even bones); skin haemorrhage and other changes caused by the well-proportioned vacuum also have therapeutic effect that aims first of all at resolution of damaged cell elements and stimulation of reparative processes in the area of pathological focus.
  • Local darsonvalization is a type of exposure of problematic areas on the human body to low voltage high frequency impulse current (i.e. high-frequency therapy). Herewith, quiet or flash charge is formed between the electrode and the skin that has an irritant effect or even catheresis. The method is used for treatment of some diseases of peripheral nervous, cardio-vascular and muscle systems. Besides, darsonvalization is deemed to be one of the most useful methods in cosmetology. Normalizes blood coagulability, relieves spasms, improves skin resilience, prevents from wrinkles on the face. Also, the impulses affect the deepest skin layers, thus the technology is much more effective than various cosmetic creams and masks.
  • Endocavitary darsonvalization