Vitaeris 270 device

General barotherapy – OxyHealth barochamber is a kind of a closed capsule which is supplied with oxygen under increased pressure. The necessary effect on health is achieved due to the increased pressure inside the barochamber, which surpasses normal atmosphere pressure. The oxygen is transferred to organs, which regains their functions and fastens recovery processes.
The effect of barotherapy on health turns back the tide of aging processes and changes patients’ stories. Barotheraphy is used for treatment of gastrointestinal tract disorders, ulcers, immune disorders, frequent colds, chronic inflammations including gynecologic and urologic; neurologic disorders. It helps to overcome problems with vessels, improve IHD condition, cardiomyopathy and arrhythmia.
Bones become stronger, muscle tissue synthesis is intensified. These procedures are very helpful with musculoskeletal system traumas and disorders. Any disorders aggravated by hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) may be corrected with the help of barotherapy. Preventative treatment in portative borochamber is prescribed for the patients, suffering from blood vessel disease, high meteosensitivity. Regular sessions of barotherapy treatment prevent from stroke, heart attack and acute respiratory diseases.
Barotherapy treatment is indicated for people with ishemic and haemorrhagic stroke. This treatment is characterized by more significant effect on health not only in comparison with traditional stroke therapy, but also with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
Treatment in barochember will restore your energy balance, improve microcirculation and boost the immune system which helps not only to eliminate disease aggravations, but also to improve general condition of disease.