Endovasal laser obliteration of varicose veins (ELVO) is a highly effective way to combat varicose disease.

Benefits of the ELVO method:

  • Duration 30–60 minutes,
  • Absence of anesthesia,
  • Low injuries,
  • Fast return to your lifestyle (discharge on the day of the procedure)
  • Minimal risk to complications,
  • Modern Methodology,
  • Working ability (returning to work the next day).

In UZ “GOKKTs” are held:

  1. ELVO + miniphlebectomy;
  2. ELVO + sclerotherapy and telangiectasias.

Cost: 1170.97 rubles (approximate).

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery of the European level

In the ultrasound “GOKKTs” many operations to replace or recreate the mitral, aortic or tricuspid valves are carried out by a gentle method through minimally invasive access. These operations include:

  1. Plastic surgery (prosthetics) of the mitral valve from the right-sided minitoracotomy
  2. Plastic surgery (prosthetics) of the tricuspid valve from the right-sided minitoracotomy
  3. Aortic valve replacement from a right-sided minithoracotomy or superior ministaxis
  4. Prosthetics of the ascending aorta and aortic valve section from the upper minislotomy

The advantages of this method:

  • The least risk and injury rate
  • Fast recovery period (about a week)
  • Low complication rate

Cost: 10000-11100 rubles (approximate).

Healthy Heart Diagnostic Package

A quick examination of the cardiovascular system in one working day, which includes:

  • Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Hematological studies;
  • Biochemical analysis of blood;
  • Research hemostasis system;
  • Clinical analysis;
  • Hormonal research;
  • ECG;
  • ultrasound;
  • To receive a cardiologist (second, first or highest category).

The estimated cost of the package is 125 rubles.

The Grodno Cardiological Center has long been recognized as the best among the regions of the republic, as evidenced by the numerous high assessments of the Ministry of Health, the regional executive committee, and the European Society of Cardiology. It successfully provides highly qualified assistance of varying complexity and a wide range of the most modern methods, as evidenced not only by the number of procedures performed but also by the minimum percentage of complications. The equipment of the departments allows to carry out high-tech operations, thanks to which more than a thousand lives have been saved, and the treatment is available and accessible to both residents of Belarus and foreign citizens.