Mechanical physiotherapy

Neuromuscular activity stimulation at “Ekzarta” apparatus a method of rehabilitation and prevention of diseases of locomotor apparatus without pain. The technique essence consists in activation of deep muscles that help to hold the spine and major joints. If their function is compromised, superficial muscles become engaged as compensation and cause pain when spasming. Suspensions are used during sessions. It helps to unload the superficial muscles and remove body weight affect while exercising an effect on the weak area without pain. “EKZARTA” is fantastic in teaching the body a correct position of skeletomuscular system, and later on the patient acquires the skill that helps to maintain its health on its own.

In other words, kinesitherapeutic device “EKZARTA” provides:

  • an easy way to find the right load level;
  • pain reduction;
  • stimulation of the required muscle;
  • finding the best move;
  • elimination of undesirable positions (no-pain poses);

Unstable support helps to:

  • develop functional stability;
  • integrates deep muscle with superficial;
  • trains functional examples of movements(3D exercise).
    • major joints
    • one region of spine with traction
    • spine with traction

Apparatus tractional therapy mechania and therapeutic device “ORMED-PROFESSIONAL” is designed for complex correction of any damage to the dorsal spine caused by osteochondrosis. This multifunctional device is used for well-proportioned stretching and vibration massage, mechanical local and thermal effect. During the session the movable parts of table gently move apart ensuring delicate and soft stretch for the spine.

Massaging rollers run along the total length of the dorsal spine here with:

  • back muscles are stretched and massaged;
  • spine is bent and unbent. Thermal vibration effect on the back helps to relieve muscle tension .Due to such complex effect, the back muscles are relaxed, the ligaments are less stretched, discs are decompressed – the spine is stretched tractionally, and the dorsal spine restores its correct shape and motion function.