Therapeutical factors

Radon water

Hydro-mineral base of sanatorium “Alfa Radon” includes 4 wells to a depth of about 300 m. The concentration of radon extracted from them is between 20 and 60 nCi/l (between 0.75 and 2.2 kBq/l).

Such radon concentration is the most favorable for the treatment of many diseases. Close proximity to the sanatorium and the use of special baths filled with ground which prevent the destruction of radon molecules during filling medicinal water baths allow to save the most useful part of the extracted radon water.

Radon water is a mineral water of various compositions containing radioactive radon gas, as a result of the collapse of atoms the alpha-radiation is released which have curing and prophylactic impact on the body.

The high effectiveness of the use of radioactive water for curing purposes is proved by numerous experimental and clinical studies. Small amounts of radon are necessary for normal functioning of the body, stimulation of its protective and adaptive reactions, radon leads to an increase in life expectancy, fertility and the body’s resistance to various diseases.

The range of radon application in medicine is very broad, which is one of the unique properties of this therapeutic factor; it is also worth noting that curing with radon has virtually no restrictions as to the age of the patients.

Radon therapy is not only a curing method, but also is a prophylactic of many diseases. It is scientifically proved that small doses of radiation stimulate production of nitric oxide in the body, which is an important component of the systems of the body responsible for self-regulation of blood pressure, blood clotting and the transmission of nerve impulses. Radon has positive effect on central and autonomic nervous, neuroendocrine system, it contributes to the normalization of all types of metabolisms in the body, and has a strong analgesic, chondro-protective, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, improves the immune system, improves heart functioning.

Taking a therapy of radon procedures improves the quality of life of chronically ailing people, reduce the need for analgesics and other agents.

Radon therapy methods used at sanatorium «Alfa-Radon»:

  • radon baths:
    • general
    • four-camera
  • radon baths in combination with magneto-therapy (bath Aqua-SPOK);
  • radon irrigation.

Improving the general state of health after the radon therapy in most cases lasts for a little more than six months, so it is recommended to repeat the treatment at least once a year.

Sapropelic mud

Sapropelic mud of sanatorium «Alfa Radon» is a pure natural sapropel of the lake «Dikoe», which constitute a complex organic and mineral group of various of chemical compounds. This includes humic acids, antibiotics, amino acids, vitamins and other biologically active formations.

Mud curing is not only a factor of local influence on the pathological center, due to its healing properties, sapropel mud contributes to increase blood flow to the tissues and their oxygenation, stimulate the recovery of connective tissue, resolving residual effects of inflammation, activate the work of the endocrine glands and increase the body’s defenses.

When applying the mud on the skin the reaction of the body goes through two phases: neuro-reflex and neuro-chemical. The first neuro-reflex phase is characterized by direct stimulation of nerve receptors of the skin, which leads to the excitation of the respective centers of the nervous system, and the end result – to metabolic changes in the body. The second neuro-chemical phase is characterized by the formation in the skin (under the influence of mud penetrating compounds) of biochemically active substances which, entering the blood, cause a complex protective-adaptive mechanisms activation aimed at restoring the broken self-regulation body.

Pelotherapy or mud curing is the most effective in the transition of a disease from the sub-acute stage or «hospital» stage to the chronic stage.

Mud is used for diseases against the musculoskeletal system, residual effects of injuries and intoxication of the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system diseases, peripheral nervous system diseases, respiratory diseases, digestive, gynecological diseases, urology diseases, in dentistry. It is also important to note that in some cases the mud helps even when the disease is not treated surgically. No matter how “overstates” this statement seems, – it is the truth. And the clearest example of this is the healing of the tubal infertility.

In addition to the pronounced therapeutic properties the sapropel mud has a strong cosmetic effect. Masks of sapropel mud slows the aging process making the skin more fresh, firm and elastic, improves the cell regeneration by 10%, and also has a pronounced bactericidal effect.

Methods of mud curing (pelotherapy) used at sanatorium «Alfa Radon»:

  • general application of sapropel mud;
  • local application of sapropel mud;
  • electric and mud therapy with application of constant or pulse currents (method of simultaneous action on the body with mud and electrical current);
  • tampons with mud.

Mud baths of the sanatorium «Alfa Radon» are equipped with 10 mud couches and mud storage. Technological sapropel extraction arrangement is designed based on the conditions of minimum intervention in the natural biological processes of the hydrosphere with keeping the existing flora and fauna of the lake «Dikoe».