Radon water is a mineral water of various compositions containing radioactive radon gas, as a result of the collapse of atoms the alpha-radiation is released which have curing and prophylactic impact on the body.

  • Radon baths (general) are made with radon water recovered from 300 m depth with radon content from 20 to 60 nCi/l. Such radon concentration is the most beneficial for treatment of many diseases. Radon water has therapeutic and preventive action on the body due to alpha radiation in the result of radon subatomic decomposition. Radon contributes to normalization of all types of exchange processes in the body, has a pronounced analgesic, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, improves immune resistance, heart function, normalizes blood pressure.
    • Mineral baths. Water has a mechanical effect, restoring lymphatic circulation, improving blood circulation, as well as functioning of vessels and internal organs, and restoring breathing. Besides, mineral baths contain substances that have a chemical effect on a human body. The baths are prepared with microelements, salts, medical extracts of plant origin. These active substances have a double effect on the human body. They affect the external layer of skin, at that, receptors and nerve terminations are stimulated.
    • With iodine and bromine sea salt. A bath with iodine and bromine sea salt has a refreshing, anti-inflammatory effect, facilitates revivification. Relieves nervous tension, relaxes muscles.
    • With sea salt and valerian plant extract. Valerian has a sedative effect, recommended for insomnia, vegetative-vascular dystonia.
    • With sea salt BISHOFITE. Mineral compositions and microelements in bishofite are in naturally stable form. Hight content of magnesium, one of the basic ions, ensures functioning of all processes in the body, and bromine contribute to relaxation. Bishofite has an anti-inflammatory, anti-edemic, antibacterial, and moderately analgesic action, accelerates regeneration of tissues, improves immune resistance, restores skin tightness, increases local skin resistance to infections, relieves nervous tension.
  • Radon baths (four-chamber).
  • Mineral pearl baths . are among the most popular procedure. They have an analgesic, sedative effect, normalize metabolic activity. By toning skin and body in general, pearl baths contribute to good functioning of organs and systems. They improve the function of gastrointestinal tract, fight fatigue, overweight and cellulite.
  • Dry air (carbon dioxide baths )is a method of general body exposure to carbon dioxide that penetrates through skin pores, thus, stimulating the oxygen exchange in tissues, resulting in significant engorgement of minute vessels and blood transportation to ischemic tissues and organs. A course of such procedures allows to improve the function of heart and lungs, strengthen vessels and nervous system, improve metabolic activity and positively affect the endocrine system. Besides, these procedures are beneficial not only to the ill, but also to healthy people to strengthen health in case of intense physical and nervous stress, to prevent early aging.
  • Medicated baths, mixed baths.
    • with pine needle extract. Pine needles are a natural supply of vitamins, and even exceed all well-known fruits by vitamin content. Pine needles are rich in В1, В6, В9, В12, К, В, D, Е, А, С, iron, zinc, selenium, as well as many proteins and enzymes that we need. Pine oil is practically second to none by its composition. Thus, pine oil in a pearl bath makes it truly therapeutic.
    • with turpentine “Yellow” skipofit – turpentine active substances penetrate through skin stimulating blood circulation in vessels. In its turn, such improved blood circulation enables more efficient delivery of nutrients to each cell while activating elimination of waste products and carbon dioxide, thus, ensuring a therapeutic effect. Regular procedures help the patients to normalize the cardiac rhythm and strengthen the heart muscle, boost metabolism in muscle, chondro-osseous, and nervous tissue. Moreover, these baths help to resolve internal and external scars and adhesions, and to reverse inflammatory process in bronchus, small pelvis and some other organs.
    • with turpentine “White” skipofit.
  • “O-panto”. Velvet antlers baths are a powerful folk cure used for restoration. Pantocrine recovered from velvet antler at cutting contains 18 amino acids of 22 known at present. “O-panto” improves intellectual and physical performance after traumas and surgeries, boosts vital powers; inhibits the process of ageing; accelerates wound healing; fights chronic fatigue and improves life energy; strengthens the body systems; regulates sleep and relieve pain.
  • Ozone bath.Ozone bath has a relaxing effect. Oxygen bubbles softly touch the skin and penetrate through it to reduce oxygen deprivation. Ozone therapeutics is widely used to treat a number of diseases due to its immunomodulating, bactericidal, desintoxication and anti-hypoxic effect. This type of therapy is used in gynecology, neurology, surgery, urology, therapy and dermatology as it has practically no contraindications and side effects.
  • Pearl baths – during this procedure the patient is exposed to water with air bubbles at pressure 0.5 – 1.5 atmosphere coming from the openings on the bath tub bottom. Pearl baths have a pronounced relaxing effect, help to cope with stress, reduce excitability, decrease pain, restore normal functioning of muscles, normalize blood pressure Pearl baths are used for treatment of diseases of central and peripheral nervous system, as they help to reduce excitability, and have a soothing effect on the nervous system, reduce pain and restore neural control of muscles. Besides, active factors of a pearl bath result in engorgement of capillary vessels, thus improving organs and tissues blood supply. Herewith, blood pressure is relieved, cardiac output is increased, and the stress on heart is significantly decreased.
  • General magnetotherapy in radon water.
  • Contrast baths.Contrast baths have a great influence on the body, that cannot be compared with a regular hot or warm bath. Contrast baths ensure a powerful workout for vessel wall muscle layers, improve skin blood supply, make the blood circulation through capillaries more active, increase metabolism and boost immune system. The baths have a powerful therapeutic effect.
  • Underwater massage treatment. Underwater hydromassage is a great physiotherapeutic procedure for relaxation, rest and treatment. It combines the positive effect of a medicated bath and active mechanical influence on the body of a powerful water jet at pressure from 1.5 to 4 atmosphere. The course of procedures helps to improve vessel condition, strengthen vessel walls and restore flexibility. Lymph and blood circulation is improved, and heart muscle is activated. Moreover, the procedures boost metabolism and improve general well-being.
  • Vichy shower is one of the popular types of hydrotherapy actively used in many modern SPA centers. The shower has another name – filiform (from Latin “filiformis” — “thread-like”). Due to its effect on nerve terminations, Vichy shower calms the nervous system. It is prescribed to treat stress and neurotic disorders as it relaxes and boosts spirits. The procedure increases lymph and blood circulation throughout the body, improves skin condition and helps to cleanse the body form toxins and waste. All these properties make the procedure very effective in treatment and prevention of cellulite. Primary medical indications for Vichy shower are problems with ligaments and joints, gastrointestinal diseases, headache. The procedure is a must during the rehabilitation period after traumas, extended illness and emotional upsets.