Facial skin and body care

Name Price, BYN
Diamond Microdermabrasion 60.00
Biolymphatic facial skin care 70.00
Non-invasive mesotherapy for problem skin 111,00
Non-invasive mesotherapy for dehydrated skin 114.00
Oxygen facial therapy (Dermo-Facial) without a mask 55.00
Oxygen facial therapy (Dermo-Facial) with cream mask 62.00
Oxygen Facial Therapy (Dermo-Facial) with Collagen Mask 84.00
Vacuum Roller Face Massage 45.00
Cosmetic facial massage

Cosmetic face and neck massage is a special set of procedures aimed at eliminating visible skin imperfections, slowing down its aging, reducing wrinkles. It allows you to achieve a tone of weakened muscles, get rid of problems with skin irregularities.

Name Procedure Time Price, BYN
Classic face massage The massage improves skin condition. It prevents the appearance of wrinkles, improves skin tone, improves complexion. The skin is saturated with oxygen, which accelerates the exchange, regenerative, regenerative processes in the upper layers of the epidermis. 40 minutes 55.00
Metabolic face massage Metabolic massage works at the deepest tissue level. Using the technique of deep local kneading, stimulating the processes of microcirculation and, accordingly, improving trophism, oxygenation and detoxification of tissues. Due to this, the aging process is slowed down. Metabolic massage for the face, neck and décolleté area is considered plasticizing. 50 minutes 65.00
Cryomassage of the skin of the face (semi-precious stones) Massage with semi-precious stones is an art in which the effects of traditional massage are combined with the magic power of stones. A gemstone massage combines the benefits of intense touches with the benefits of the science of stone healing, the harmonizing, healing power of stones. The massage produced by a semiprecious stone generates a deep impact that completely encompasses the body, soul, mind and way of thinking. There is a direct impact on the energy and communication fields of a person. 50 minutes 95.00
Facial Myostructural Massage (Spanish Technique) The massage has a corrective effect on the muscles of the face, promotes muscle relaxation and metabolism, eliminates tissue congestion. It is able to influence signs of aging such as dull complexion, wrinkles and loose skin, second chin. Although this massage is considered to be a facial massage, it also includes a neck and hand massage, décolleté and upper back. 50 minutes
90 minutes
Japanese imperial ritual for the face “KOBIDO” Kobido, translated from Japanese, means the Path of Beauty Preservation and is the most effective of the known natural methods of improving skin quality and slowing the aging process. This ritual gathered centuries-old knowledge in medicine, philosophy, and physiology. 50 minutes
90 minutes
Name Procedure Time Price, BYN
“APHRODITE’S CLOUD” (foam mask)

The “APHRODITE CLOUD” procedure is an innovative program of rejuvenation, renewal, antioxidant protection and the correction of age-related changes of fading skin. The rejuvenating, tightening and botox-like effect of the procedure is achieved due to the unique extract of Acmella, which is a natural muscle relaxant. During the procedure, the skin is saturated with vitamins E and C, refreshed and receives a charge of vital energy. Precious oils such as sweet almond oil, shea butter and macadamia nut oil intensively nourish, moisturize and restore the lipid mantle of the skin. Thanks to a unique foam mask, which is an integral part of the program, activation of all active components is started, microcirculation is improved, exchange processes are enhanced and the maximum effect from the procedure is achieved.

40 minutes 54.00
REINCARNATION (banding mask)

The procedure “Reincarnation” – instant correction of the facial contours with a noticeable lifting effect. It has a strong moisturizing, anti-edematous, modeling and tightening effect. Due to plasticization, a noticeable modeling lifting is achieved – the effect of the skin, so necessary with the appearance of age-related changes. Seaweed and honey extract nourish and tighten the skin, regulate water-salt metabolic processes and saturate the skin with trace elements.

40 minutes 55.00
Name Procedure Time Price, BYN

Alginate mask deeply moisturizes the skin, models the shape of the face, improves its micro-relief, improves elasticity, prevents wrinkles, as a result it becomes smooth and elastic, and the complexion is healthy and radiant.

30 minutes 46.00

The treatment is intended: to regulate excessive secretion of sebaceous glands and reduce pore size, to prevent inflammation, as well as cleanse the skin and restore the complexion

90 minutes 86,50

This is an incredible progress in cosmetology. The principle of the method is extremely simple: this technique works by relaxing spasmed muscles and improving the circulation of lymph and blood. Unique patches (tapes) for one course will help: correct the facial contours, smooth out small and deep wrinkles, give a lifting effect.

40 minutes 44.00

For deep cleansing and restoration of skin structure, prevention of acne and hyperkeratosis, to reduce inflammation of the skin and give it a healthy look.

90 minutes 92.00
Name Procedure Time Price, BYN

Effective healing procedure for sensitive skin with reduced immunity, prone to rosacea and characterized by fragile vessels. Recommended after medical peels, microdermabrasion. Strengthens skin immunity and reduces skin reactivity.

60 minutes 72.00

Vitamin-rich anti-aging procedure. Goji seed oil and hyaluronic acid provide intensive hydration, nourishment, soothe and protect the skin from the adverse effects of the environment and climatic factors.

60 minutes 74.00

The technique is ideal for those who are concerned about: swelling under the eyes; mimic wrinkles on the forehead and not only; nosogubki; first signs of omission of the face; second chin .. This technique works by relaxing spasmed muscles and improving lymph and blood circulation.

70 minutes 75.00

The ideal antidote to overwork, fatigue and the negative impact of the urban lifestyle for clients of either sex with stressed, tired or mature skin in a time-note.

40 minutes 75.00

A treatment for all skin types (including very sensitive, dehydrated and mature skin) aimed at deep cleansing. Especially effective for skin that is contaminated, oily, and also prone to inflammation.

60 minutes 92.00

Intensive cleansing procedure. The algal alginate mask triggers skin renewal, has anti-bacterial action, deeply cleanses and mineralizes the skin. Perfect for stressful, tired skin with imperfections and even for sensitive skin.

60 minutes 92.00
“ACTIVE LIFTING deluxe archi-lift

The impressive effect of multi-level correction of age-related skin changes! An intensive procedure based on an innovative two-phase plasticizing mask and progressive modular peeling activates cell regeneration and provides a lasting lifting effect. The synergy of active components and exclusive lifting massage ACTIVE-LIFT allows you to achieve perfect tone and alignment of the skin micro-relief, restore tone and elasticity, reduce wrinkles, including facial wrinkles, and make the facial contour more distinct. The procedure is recommended for the correction of age signs.

80 minutes 99.00
Name Procedure Time Price, BYN

Deep moisturizing facial skin. Instantly restores water balance, uniformity, tone and radiance of the skin, helps to preserve its youth. Recommended for all skin types and ages.

60 minutes 85.00

This is a highly effective anti-aging therapy without injections. The serum penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin, where it will act immediately. It increases elasticity and not only nourishes the skin with moisture, but also helps to maintain its natural level.


Gives instantly noticeable lifting effect. The high molecular weight of hyaluronic acid provides the skin with intense hydration, giving it smoothness and elasticity. The complex of active ingredients supports the function of natural factors of moisture and skin regeneration.

Name Procedure Time Price, BYN
Deep cleansing

D-TOX program. The D-TOX procedure removes impurities, toxins, restores seboregulation of the sebaceous glands and the hydro-lipid balance of the skin. Purified and radiant skin is ready for deeper penetration of active ingredients. The treatment includes massage and the use of specific products.

Basic skin care

Nutrition, recovery, resilience Prevents skin wilting and reducing its elasticity. It improves skin color and turgro, tightens and strengthens skin tissue. Peeling will allow active ingredients to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis. The extract of brown algae has a powerful regenerating effect and helps fight wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new wrinkles. Intensive rejuvenating mask “Edelweiss”. Edelweiss extract is a powerful antioxidant cocktail.

Optimal Cleansing

The procedure is universal for adolescents, female and male skin. Removes inflammation, moisturizes the skin, tightens pores, normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands. The complexion is evened out, the skin becomes matte and shines with health.

Oxygen-stimulating procedure

Ideal for dull and tired skin. The procedure compensates for the damage caused to the skin during stress, smoking, environmental exposure, lack of sleep. Perfectly restores and relieves irritation. The procedure includes massage and the use of specific means.

Tightening strengthening procedure with vitamin C

The procedure is recommended as a prophylaxis of gravitational ptosis and for the correction of age-related changes in the oval of the face, as well as for tired and aging skin. Promotes the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Due to the astringent and matting effect, the procedure is also shown for oily skin. This treatment is a combination of the active components of the procedure and massage technique.

Procedure for sensitive skin

Professional procedure designed to reduce the sensitivity of the skin, prevention and treatment of rosacea, rosacea. The procedure is recommended for correcting couperosis and relieving sensitivity. At the same time, it has an instant effect of accumulation, moisturizing and reduction of redness. The basis of the active ingredients of this care is a complex of plant extracts with angioprotective, drainage and anti-inflammatory effects.

Intensive procedure for collagen lifting care.

It regenerates the skin, moisturizes it, has antioxidant properties. It restores facial contours, makes the skin smooth, elastic and elastic, improves its turgor.

Name Procedure Time Price, BYN
Tanning bed with sunblock

The solarium will give you the desired shade of tan, hide some skin imperfections, make the figure visually slimmer. In addition, a visit to the solarium is surely uplifting, because under the influence of ultraviolet rays, endorphin, the so-called hormone of happiness and good mood, is produced.

1 minute
1 minute
Name Procedure Time Price, BYN

Depilation over the upper lip

Underarm Depilation

Hand depilation

Shin Depilation

Hip depilation

Thigh + shin

Bikini Depilation

Depilation deep bikini

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