Meals at the sanatorium are based on the “buffet” principle. Surrounded by picturesque nature, in an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility, you will get the opportunity to enjoy tasty and healthy food.
The restaurant offers a wide variety of national and European cuisine as a self-service buffet. Dishes are regularly filled up, so that each guest could enjoy freshly-made dishes at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can try something new or choose favorite and known dishes.

We use only carefully selected, fresh products and use cooking technologies, while maintaining the highest nutritional value of dishes. Fresh vegetables and a variety of fruits are always present on our table.

For lunch and dinner in a self-service buffet you can choose the main course from poultry, fish, pork or ham. The restaurant also offers four types of side dishes: vegetables, potatoes, grains or spaghetti, and three kinds of soup, including a chicken broth.

Cold meat and fish cuts, pickles and pastry are cooked in the restaurant from eco products and only natural ingredients. Just think of hot crisp bread baked in the restaurant’s bakery! During the year you can taste the best dishes of national, European and international cuisine. The team of our restaurant is designed for 7 days, without repetition in all positions and dishes.

Daily for lunch and dinner, we offer a variety of hot dishes from beef, pork, poultry, fish and 5 types of side dishes. Choose dishes and combine them according to your mood … …

Our pastry shop every morning bakes fresh crisp bread in a wide variety, for every taste. It will also pleasantly surprise you, and a large selection of pastries and desserts will delight you.
The range of pastry is always huge – from a classic apple pie to a pumpkin cheesecake and a French chocolate roll Buche de Noel.

We wish you a pleasant gastronomic delight from our varied culinary offer.