Gymna W-Move exercise machines of Belgium company, manufacturing physiotherapeutic equipment, have the following characteristics:

  • tone up the muscles, improve health and help to stay fit;
  • they are designed specially for safe workout of musculoskeletal system;
  • hydraulic cylinder resistance provides smoother operation;
  • six-scale adjustable resistance, simultaneous antagonists bilateral resistance exercises;
  • suit for circuit training;
  • streamline form and ergonomic design.

Systems used:

  • exercise machine for abdominal and back muscles workouts;
  • leg press machine;
  • Pec Deck Fly;
  • hip abductor machine;
  • leg extension and curl machine;
  • machine for chest and back muscles exercises;
  • machine for biceps and triceps exercises;
  • machine for back muscles stretching.

Ekzarta is painless, pill-free and non-invasive rehabilitation and prevention practices for musculoskeletal system disorders. Series of scientific studies show that chronic pain in lumbar spine is associated with weakening of activation mechanisms, decay of local muscle force and endurance. Even in case of medically induced pain relief the muscle functions may not be restored. As a result, other muscles over-exert to compensate for the deficiency.

Training on the ekzarta device changes this negative process and therefore reboots the neuromuscular system. Trainings are in suspensions. This allows unloading surface global muscles and taking off the impact of body weight, influencing the weak point without pain. This treatment not only takes off the pain but also remedies its cause. In fact, ekzarta trains the body in correct positioning of the skeletomuscular system and, in future, you get a skill to maintain health yourself.

This is a multifunctional treatment which is equally good for people with weak muscles and well trained sportsmen; young people and the elderly.


  • Musculoskeletal system disorders (spine and joints);
  • Degenerative disc disease;
  • Dorsalgia;
  • Coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis I-II deg.;
  • Unrest of spinal segments (cervical and sacrolumbar sections);
  • Humeroscapular periarthritis;
  • Lateral curvature, postural disorder;
  • Discal hernia with reflex and muscular syndromes;
  • Functional disorders of the locomotor system;
  • Restraint of movement in spine and large joints;
  • Disorders and traumas of cerebral axis with motor disturbances;
  • Post-trauma rehabilitation;
  • Prevention of injuries;
  • Training of strength, endurance, coordination, speed;
  • Slimming, body shaping.


  • Status of post-surgery on spine with anchylosis;
  • Operational interventions on joints;
  • Acute injuries with tear of tendons and muscles;
  • Decompensation of cardiovascular and respiratory systems, liver and kidneys;
  • Spins and joint cancer.

The course of treatment on the ekzarta device in the Alpha Radon Health Center is under supervision of experienced specialists. And due to appropriate treatment regimen you will be able to achieve a notable long-lasting effect after a course of treatments.