Point of renting is available for guests of Medical & SPA resort “Alfa Radon”.

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of sport equipment, as well as many other things needed for a pleasant pastime and a comfortable holiday.

Equipment Price
Badminton 1 BYN per 1h
Bicycle 5 BYN per 1h
Children’s bicycle 3 BYN per 1h
Hopper ball 1,5 BYN per 12h
Soccer ball 0,1 BYN per 1h
Volleyball 0,1 BYN per 1h
Nordic walking sticks 1,5 BYN per 1h
Inflatable vest 1,5 BYN per 12h
Inflatable circle 1,5 BYN per 12h
Inflatable sleeve protectors 1,5 BYN per 12h
Chess 0,1 BYN per 1h
Checkers 0,1 BYN per 1h
Russian bingo 1 BYN per 12h
Skies 5 BYN per 1h
Slay 5 BYN per 1h
Snowball maker 2 BYN per 1h
Tubing 5 BYN per 1h
Skewer (1 pc.) 0,5 BYN per 12h
Grill 2 BYN per 12h