For more than 500 years, the Sviato-Uspenski monastery in Zhirovichi is a stronghold of Orthodoxy in Belarus. It all started with a small icon, which is now a part of the hundred of the most revered sacraments of the Orthodox world.

According to the legend, the appearance in Zhirovichi Orthodox center is associated with the marvelous appearance at these places of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, which was chanced upon in 1470 by shepherds among thick branches of the wild pear. At the very this place the temple was built later.

Zhirovichi icon of the Mother of God is miraculous. In the memorials of the monastery are described many cases of miraculous healing of terrible diseases, settling difficult situations, healing of souls.

Today, the architectural complex of the Zhirovichi monastery includes the Sviato-Uspenski Cathedral, the Krestovozdvizhenskaya Church, the Bogoyavlenskaya Church, a bell tower, and a theological academy and seminary, guest houses, household buildings, a refectory etc. Not far from the monastery there was built the Pilgrim House, where the faithful who pilgrimage to Zhirovichi monastery can relax and spend the night.

During the excursion to Zhirovichi you will not only learn about the history and today life of the monastery, but also touch the sacrament. You will have the opportunity to pray to the miraculous icon, dip in the sacred spring, to ask the Holly Mother for the healing and spiritual help.