The village Gorka has a spring

Near the village of Gorka, Diatlovsky district, exactly on the border of Grodno and Brest regions, there is a spring in the woods.

The old-identity honor it as healing and list the diseases cured by the gelid water. People say that blind became seeing and lame became well-waking after washing in the spring.

Near the chapel and holy sources there are “memorial stones” being the historical and cultural value dated from the 11th-12th centuries. Those who are not cured by the spring water do known another miraculous recipe: to crawl under those boulders on all fours. Three times, with the sun, and against the clock. People say this helps much with back ailments.

The address of the spring and boulders is Belarus, Diatlovsky district, the village of Gorka. You can reach Gorki from Diatlovo by a regular bus. Then ask the way to the spring and local kirk yard (about 300 meter far from the village), through the kirk yard you should walk uphill 200 meters more. When you will see the chapel in front of you (stand facing it), the boulders will be from the right.