We offer you to visit some of the most valuable monuments of Belarus included into the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage – the castle in Mir and the palace and park ensemble in Nesvizh, multi-year restoration of which ended in 2011.

You can learn the town of Mir that will tell you about the life of the Belarusian village, where for centuries destinies, culture and everyday life of Belarusians, Poles, Jews, Roma and Tatars have been closely intertwined.

The medieval giant – Mir Castle – will meet you with powerful stone walls and towers. You will learn the history of the construction of this monumental building, hear the story of its periods of grandeur and bleak years of war and devastation, when its mighty walls sheltered from the enemy all the inhabitants of the surrounding villages.

Further, you will find a tour to Nesvizh – the former residence of one of the most notable magnate families of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – the Radziwill family. You will see the Farny Church, the first in Eastern Europe monument of the Baroque style, Slutskaya Brahma, the original monument of Baroque architecture, once being a part of the city fortification system and serving as the entrance gate to the Slutsky tract, Market square, Town Hall and the old Shopping arcades.

The highlight of the excursion will be the visit to the Palace and Park complex of the 16th-18th centuries, the foundation of which was laid by the Italian architect Giovanni Maria Bernardoni. The majestic castle-palace, surrounded by tall trees and ponds, the system is covered with myths about legendary treasures of the Radziwill family and the Black Lady. You will learn about the history of the palace and its construction, the life and the whims of its famous owners, walk along the pensive alleys of the Old park.

Mir-Nesvizh excursion will immerse you into the era of former greatness and power, will impress by the scale and beauty of the buildings.