The obligatory point of the program – the inspection of the famous Lida Castle – our guests were executed immediately: they strolled along the walls of the castle, climbed the observation tower, stormed the crusaders in the XIV century, visited the exhibition-exposition of the prince’s life … They learned the history of dynastic marriage of the 70-year-old Grand Duke of Lithuania Jagiello with 13-year-old Polish Queen Jadwiga, which was celebrated in the walls of the Lida Castle, and photographed against the background of these red brick walls. And then we went to the final point of the route – to the factory “Lida Beer”.
After that tourists were expected to get acquainted with the rich history of Belarusian brewing. The guide conducted them for production, equipped with modern equipment … Guests were treated with roasted malt, from which the drink then ripens … And at the tasting at the bar, the company treated three of the best varieties of “Lidskoe” with flavored croutons.