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Discounts up to 30%

Dive into the world of peace and comfort on the territory of Medical & Spa Resort in the health resort of Belarus – AlfaRadon. You will find a relaxing atmosphere that will help you forget about everyday worries, and qualified personnel will provide professional treatment and diversify your rest with useful SPA procedures.

We invite foreign citizens to the AlfaRadon sanatorium

The term of visa-free stay of foreign citizens in Belarus has been increased to 30 days, provided they enter and then leave the state border by means of the National Airport Minsk. This means that now the guests of our country can fully enjoy their recreation in the sanatorium for the whole month.

What will you find in the sanatorium AlfaRadon?

  • * Effective treatment programs that will improve your health;

  • * Relaxing and problem-oriented medical and spa programs (medical, classical, anti-stress, various types of massage, etc.);

  • * Accommodation in comfortable and cozy rooms;

  • * Beautiful pine forest around and unity with nature.

How to get to the sanatorium from the National Airport Minsk?

The easiest way is to order a transfer from us. We will take you straight from the airport to the sanatorium, and you don’t have to look for other ways to get to AlfaRadon.

You can find more information about the sanatorium programs here:

Find out the cost of the transfer from the train stations and the airport here:

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