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August pleased us with the true summer weather! It’s nice to feel like a real chef, fry a sausage on a skewer, to refresh yourself in a children’s barbecue bar and again plunge into the summer fun, which in the Alfa Radon is a great variety. There were active recreation with kites, game programs with animators, children’s discos, fascinating master classes and classes of the Family Club “Art for the Health of the Soul and the Body” …
If while the running around in the open air, the appetite was played – children could taste their own dishes, which they had cooked at the master class. Lovers of hand-made master classes discovered a miracle-faumiran and created many elegant hand-made articles that became exhibits at the Children’s Talent Show. The young guests of “Alfa Radon” showed themselves to be gifted artists, musicians, dancers, reciters, gymnasts … The children’s talent show ended with the awarding of all its participants and a friendly tea party.

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