The famous academician and surgeon Nikolai Mikhailovich Amosov once said that our own efforts, constant and significant, are necessary for health. Replace your own efforts can not be anything! Fortunately, a person is so perfect that health can almost always be restored and only personal efforts are needed, increasing as the disease and age are neglected. One of the options for maintaining the required minimum of motor activity is Nordic walking.

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a type of physical activity based on a specific exercise technique and walking technique with the use of special sticks. Sometimes it is called northern or Nordic walking, or even Finnish walking. There are different views on the essence of Scandinavian walking: someone thinks that this is just a type of fitness, and someone relates it to recreational gymnastics or even to the direction of the sport.

The usefulness of Nordic walking

In our sanatorium entered daily training for this type of training for a number of reasons. The effect of classes is pronounced, and in combination with the picturesque nature and the clean air of a pine forest, walks with an instructor leave a lot of impressions. What is useful Scandinavian walking:

  1. Strengthening the muscles of the shoulder girdle and the muscular system of the back;
  2. Using sticks when walking reduces pressure on the knees and spine;
  3. Development of coordination, balance, sense of balance;
  4. On the Scandinavian walking, as it turned out, almost fifty percent more calories are spent than on traditional walks or even jogging;
  5. Improving cardiovascular performance;
  6. Activation of gas exchange processes in the body and an increase in heart rate of 10-15 beats per minute compared with normal walking;
  7. Assistance in returning to a full-fledged life and improving its quality with problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Scandinavian walking equipment at the Medical & SPA Resort Alfa Radon

In our sanatorium, as it should be in this kind of training, special telescopic poles are used, which are much shorter than the classic ski ones. This nuance is worth knowing to lovers of skiing, as the use of sticks of the wrong length gives an excessive load on the knees and back and negates a number of useful effects. The use of telescopic sticks, with several retractable segments, allows you to accurately select the length for a particular person. The formula for calculating the length of Nordic walking poles is simple: height x 0.66. For lovers of fast movement, stick, the length of which is calculated by a slightly modified formula: the height of a person × 0.70.

Another distinctive feature of Nordic walking poles is the presence of straps attached to handles that resemble fingerless gloves. They help to walk while walking, without squeezing the stick handle. Last but not least, walking sticks come with rubber tips used on hard surfaces. When driving on the snow, forest paths and other types of soft surface use a spike on the stick itself.


Nordic walking at Medical & SPA Resort Alfa Radon is a good option to increase your daily physical activity and strengthen your body without increasing stress on your musculoskeletal system. Your health is in your hands!

Igor Kabakin, fitness trainer
and Nordic walking instructor
at Medical & SPA Resort Alfa Radon