It is well known that again a healthy lifestyle is the absence of bad habits, the transition to proper nutrition and regular, affordable exercise. However, if a person has been sitting on a sofa for years and eating fast food, then switching to a healthy lifestyle is very difficult. This will be a real test for the body and mind! A person needs time to adapt, otherwise an attempt to regain health and well-being will end in failure.

Where to begin

The first task is to accustom yourself to the daily routine. First you need to change the schedule of sleep and wakefulness. To start the morning not with coffee for cheerfulness, but with a glass of warm water and minimal charge, which can be perfectly combined with joint exercises or the simplest exercises from the arsenal of the school physical education program. After the morning gymnastics, you can go to the water treatments and breakfast.

And in order to have time for exercises, breakfast, shower and other morning trifles, you need to wake up early, at about 6-7 hours. And then the second side of the medal: for early waking up and going to bed, it is necessary not at 3-4 o’clock at night, but before 23.00 It is recommended to remove mobile gadgets one hour before bedtime and turn off the TV and computer. The “freed” hour can be spent on water procedures, self-massage, planning the next day or keeping a diary. The same daily routine should be in the days. You can not just lie in bed before dinner, neglecting exercise and a full breakfast.

Proper nutrition

You can start the formation of proper nutrition with a morning glass of water. Warm fluid activates the digestive tract, strengthens the immune system. Water is drunk after waking up and preferably 30-40 minutes before each meal. It will reduce your appetite and help not to overeat.

What is undesirable to drink? Carbonated and sweet drinks. If you like tea or coffee, it is better to drink them without sugar. It is not advisable to drink packaged juice, in which there is a lot of sugar, and you should not drink energy at all. Water is well supplemented with herbal teas and teas, for example, based on rose hips, chamomile, mint.

By nutrition. Harmful foods from the diet is better to remove gradually, which will reduce the likelihood of disruption. Initially, you can remove fried foods, switching to boiled and baked. Sausages and sausages are better to replace with meat, and instead of the same pizza there are sandwiches from bran bread with red fish. Sweets, the same chocolate, cakes, cakes, can be replaced by fruit smoothies and desserts from low-fat cottage cheese.

And no diets! Can not starve.

What products from the store is better not to use? Those in which there are the following substances:

  • monosodium glutamate;
  • aspartame;
  • sweetener;
  • flavors;
  • colorants;
  • and ingredients with difficult to pronounce words.

With proper nutrition are desirable in the diet:

  • nuts and dried fruits;
  • non-fatty meats;
  • dairy products;
  • porridges;
  • legumes;
  • a fish;
  • vegetable fats;
  • honey;
  • durum wheat pasta;
  • bran and rye bread;
  • seafood.

If possible, the diet should be plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates. It is impossible to completely exclude animal fats, but it is necessary to reduce it. They should account for about 5% of the calories in the diet. But if possible we remove fast carbohydrates.

What else should be in the daily diet? Greens and vegetables. Salads, vegetable smoothies, vegetable side dishes. Vegetables and greens are a source of fiber and vitamins. And coarse dietary fiber is necessary for reducing appetite and normal bowel function. It is not possible to live healthy without sausage, hot dogs and cutlets, and without greens, carrots, pepper and other similar products.

Physical exercise

Sport is not a punishment, but a way to stay strong and healthy at any age. True, it is not a sport of high achievements, but in the format of fitness, physical education, wellness, and developing gymnastics. In this case, it is not necessary to sign up to the gym, to incline barbells, dumbbells and weights – it is better to choose an exercise that brings pleasure. Example: jogging in the morning can be replaced by dancing or cycling.

But we must remember that it is impossible to overstrain in the first months of training. First of all, a weakened body will quickly get tired of the loads, and the brain will decide that life was much better without training. There will be a banal laziness, which is difficult to fight. Secondly, excessive loads due to lack of skills are fraught with injuries.

For the body to quickly become accustomed to training, 2-3 classes per week are enough for a month. Although people who want to lose weight and tighten the body, it is recommended to further increase physical activity in general. For example, add walks to trainings and replace the elevator with a climb of stairs.

And do not set yourself big and complex tasks right away! Do not run 5 km without training, and walk for half an hour before bedtime, do not sit 300 months through a workout, but do 25 squats every morning for thirty days. If the goals are achieved, and the load becomes regular – the body becomes stronger, and your tasks to yourself become more and more interesting and more complicated!

It is equally important to give up bad habits:

  • alcohol abuse;
  • neglect of personal hygiene;
  • computer addiction;
  • smoking;
  • overeating

You can not run a few kilometers, and then sit on the bench and smoke a cigarette. More precisely – it is possible, but the harm will be even greater.

Changing the habits developed over the years is difficult. Therefore, it is not necessary to set ambitious goals at once – it is better to carry out small and real tasks and enjoy success. And do not give up if it seems that nothing happens. Road going by walking!