Circuit training is an old, proven method that organically blends and complements the modern direction of high-intensity fitness called “Crossfit”. It is about the classic circuit training today and let’s talk because the old is not always inferior to the new trends of sports culture.

Definition of Circuit Training

There are a large number of areas in fitness, each of which has its own purpose:

  • lose weight
  • form a sports figure
  • increase muscle volume
  • achieve muscle relief.

Some areas of training can be defined as multifunctional since the effect that is achieved when they are performed is not determined by one or two tasks. So, for those who want to get rid of excess weight and at the same time tighten muscles, a circular training is well suited.

Let’s start with the goals of this direction of training that are well-established in the fitness environment.

Circular training is a type of training, which is aimed at combating obesity, at increasing general and special endurance of the body, as well as at improving the work of the cardiovascular system.

Any training complexes based on this method are built according to one pattern: all exercises are performed without pauses, in a circle, one after another, and rest is allowed only between these circles.
Exercises are selected on the basis of personal preferences and goals for training and, as a rule, from 5 to 10 movements are included in one circle.
The number of circles themselves to perform, most often, no more than five, and it mainly depends on the overall physical fitness of the person.

The main task of the circuit training is to work out the target muscles in one training circle.
The main recommendation is to alternate exercises on different parts of the body in order to avoid constant loads on the same muscles. The format of the exercises themselves often alternates, for example, after cardio exercises, strength exercises are performed.

The benefits of this kind of training

Circuit training is good and useful because it allows you to maintain a muscular corset in good shape, even with a small number of strength exercises in the complex, as well as to eliminate excess fat deposits. The intensity of exercises performed one after the other without pauses develops well the cardiovascular system, especially when selecting basic exercises involving many muscle groups.

The benefits of circular training:

  1. Acceleration of metabolism;
  2. Cardiovascular development;
  3. The development of the functional characteristics of the muscles;
  4. Short workouts, allowing for a short period of time to work out the main muscle groups;
  5. Flexibility to adjust the complexes in the circular training for any age and initial physical development.

Who is suitable for circular training

This type of training is a good start for a beginner who takes the first steps in the world of fitness. Basic movements are not difficult even for people with minimal physical training, and the added bonus of such activities is the development of coordination and endurance. Meanwhile, circuit training is useful for both professional athletes and people in good physical shape. With proper selection of exercises and the level of load, you can quickly get the result, having any level of training.

Alfa Radon Medical & Spa Resort Circuit Training

The principles of circular training are periodically used in fortifying gymnastics, as well as in functional fitness. Moreover, if the visitor has a desire at the gym, the coach can build a training program for self-study, based on physical data.

Igor Kabakin, fitness trainer
and gymnastics instructor
at Medical & Spa Resort Alfa Radon